How to add product reviews in WooCommerce?


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How to add product reviews in WooCommerce?

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by genevieve_boehm , a year ago


To add product reviews in WooCommerce, follow these steps:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to the Products section.
  2. Select the product for which you want to add reviews.
  3. Click on the "Reviews" tab.
  4. Enable customer reviews by checking the "Enable reviews" option.
  5. Set the review options such as the review rating scale, the number of reviews to show per page, etc.
  6. Save the changes.
  7. To add a review, go to the product page on the front end of your website.
  8. Scroll down to the "Reviews" section and click on the "Add a Review" button.
  9. Enter your name, email address, and the review.
  10. Rate the product by selecting the number of stars.
  11. Submit the review.

Once a review is submitted, it will be added to the "Reviews" section in the WordPress admin panel. From there, you can manage and moderate reviews as needed.