How to check if an ad has a "poor ads experience" using facebook api?

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How to check if an ad has a "poor ads experience" using facebook api?

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by jacey.lubowitz , 8 months ago


To check if an ad has a "poor ads experience" using the Facebook API, you can make use of the Ads Insights API and evaluate specific metrics related to ads experience. Here is a step-by-step approach:

  1. Obtain a valid access token: Generate a user access token with the necessary permissions to access the Ads Insights API. You may need the ads_read permission to retrieve ad performance insights.
  2. Retrieve ad performance insights: Use the Ads Insights API to retrieve ad performance metrics. Specifically, monitor the following metrics related to ads experience: clicks: The number of clicks on the ad. relevance_score: A relevance score assigned to the ad, indicating how relevant the ad is to the target audience. negative_feedback: The number of negative feedback received for the ad.
  3. Analyze metrics: Assess the retrieved metrics to identify signs of a poor ads experience: Low click-through rate (CTR) may indicate that users are not engaging with the ad, indicating a subpar experience. A low relevance score may suggest that the ad is not resonating well with the target audience, potentially leading to a poor ad experience. If the ad receives excessive negative feedback, such as users reporting it or hiding it, it likely implies a negative ads experience.
  4. Set a threshold: Determine the threshold values for each metric to define what constitutes a "poor ads experience". The thresholds can vary depending on the specific campaign and industry benchmarks.
  5. Compare metrics against the threshold: Compare the values of relevant metrics against their respective predefined thresholds. If any metric falls below the threshold, you can consider the ad to have a poor ads experience.

By following these steps and monitoring the necessary metrics, you can leverage the Facebook API to programmatically determine if an ad has a poor ads experience.