How to Choose Keywords for Google Ads?

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How to Choose Keywords for Google Ads?

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by kaylin , 2 years ago

Choosing the right keyword and phrases ensures that people looking for services and products like yours get them on search engines like google. And at the same time minimize the cost of advertising. Google Ads can generate income for your business and can only be effective if you optimize it. Here are some questions to think about when choosing keywords for Google Ads;

What Online Tools can I Use to Ease the Process?

Google Trends is an online tool. That provides information on which keywords people are searching for on Google or YouTube. This tool helps marketers know which keywords are trending and any other keyword information. It can be overwhelming to use Google Trends because of the amount of information it relays. It’s important to choose keywords that relate to the product and service you offer.

What do Customers Type on Search Engines?

It’s essential to put yourself in your customer’s shoes for you to rank on Google. The most important is to ask yourself, if you were the customer, what you would type in google to search. Know what language your customers are using when they need your product or service.

What Types of Phrases Work?

Don’t use words that are too general. Please don’t use a keyword that doesn’t relate to your ads because they will bring traffic. It will attract the wrong people, and the cost will be high. It’s always advisable to use longer phrases than a single keyword. Longer phrases are usually what customers target.