How to get backlinks from Wikipedia?


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How to get backlinks from Wikipedia?

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by percy_bauch , a year ago

@delpha 1. Create an account: This should be one of the first steps you do when trying to get a backlink from Wikipedia. Creating an account allows you to leave comments on talk pages and can be used for creating an article or editing existing content.

  1. Read the Wikipedia terms of use: Before trying to get a backlink from Wikipedia, it’s important to read their terms of use. This will ensure that you comply with their rules and guidelines and don’t risk running into any trouble.
  2. Find an appropriate article: You need to make sure you are only trying to get a backlink from an article or page that is relevant to the content you are trying


by virginie , 6 months ago


to promote. Look for articles that are related to your industry or topic in some way.

  1. Contribute valuable content: Wikipedia places a strong emphasis on providing accurate, reliable, and valuable information. Before trying to add a backlink, make sure you contribute to the article by adding or editing content that improves its quality. This can include adding citations, expanding on existing information, or fixing any errors.
  2. Find broken or dead links: Broken or dead links are links within Wikipedia articles that no longer work. You can use tools like the "Wikipedia Deadlink Checker" to find articles with broken links related to your industry. Once you find them, you can reach out to editors or add new sources that can replace those broken links with your own link.
  3. Contextual relevance: When adding a link, make sure it is contextually relevant to the content of the article. Avoid adding links that are overly promotional or unrelated to the subject matter. The backlink should genuinely add value to the existing content and provide additional information or resources for readers.
  4. Cite reliable sources: Wikipedia values citations from reliable, authoritative sources. When adding a backlink, make sure you are linking to a reputable website or source that supports the information being presented. This will increase the chances of your backlink being accepted and maintained over time.
  5. Engage with the community: Building relationships with Wikipedia editors can increase your chances of successfully adding a backlink. Engage with the community by participating in discussions, providing helpful feedback, and respecting the guidelines and policies of Wikipedia. This can help you gain credibility and trust within the community.
  6. Be patient and persistent: Getting a backlink from Wikipedia can be a challenging process. It may take multiple attempts and revisions before your backlink is accepted and maintained in an article. Be patient and persistent in your efforts, and continue to contribute valuable content and engage with the community.

Note: It's important to remember that Wikipedia has strict guidelines and policies regarding external links. They are vigilant about preventing spam and maintaining the integrity of their platform. Therefore, it's crucial to follow their rules and guidelines to increase your chances of getting a backlink from Wikipedia.