How to get high quality backlinks?


by lincoln , in category: Link Building , a year ago

How to get high quality backlinks?

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by steve.moen , a year ago

The goal of getting high quality backlinks is to rank on the first page of a Google search for whatever search engine optimization term you are targeting. Obviously, the best way to do this is to get backlinks from credible, authoritative websites like news sites and well known blogs. To do this, however, you need to get on Google's first page. Otherwise, your content will get lost. If you want to get quality backlinks, the first thing to do is to search for the term you are using. Find what's already trending on the first page, since obviously this kind of content is already generating a lot of success. Then, write something better. This is called "skyscraper" content, and it can be your ticket to high quality backlinks. This means no trashy clickbait. Actually make your content useful and worth reading. Then, you need to do everything you can to promote your content. If industry leaders catch on to your content, and if your content really is of a high quality, then people in the know will be able to promote your content for you, backlink to it, and eventually get it to the first page of Google's search engine.