How to track a form submission using google analytics?


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How to track a form submission using google analytics?

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To track a form submission using Google Analytics, you can follow these steps:

  1. Set up Google Analytics: Sign in to your Google Analytics account and create a property for your website if you haven't done so already. Get the tracking code for your website and add it to each page you want to track.
  2. Set up a goal: In Google Analytics, go to your website's View column and click on "Goals." Click on the "New Goal" button to create a new goal.
  3. Choose a template or custom goal: Google Analytics provides various goal templates based on common website activities. If your form submission fits any of the templates (e.g., "Contact Us," "Newsletter Signup," etc.), you can select the template and proceed to customize it. Alternatively, you can create a custom goal based on your specific form submission.
  4. Define your goal details: Provide a name for your goal and select the "Destination" type. In the destination field, you can typically use a confirmation or thank-you page that users see after submitting the form. Enter the URL of this page as the destination and set the appropriate match type (e.g., Equals to, Begins With, etc.).
  5. Enable Funnel (optional): If your form submission involves multiple steps before reaching the confirmation page, you can enable funnels to track users' progress. Add the URLs of the intermediate steps and set their appropriate match types.
  6. Set the value (optional): If your form submission has a monetary value associated with it, you can enable the value option and set a specific value for each submission. This can help you track the monetary impact of form submissions.
  7. Verify and save the goal: Double-check your goal settings to ensure accuracy. Use the "Verify this Goal" button to check if the goal settings match any recent data. When everything looks good, click on "Save" to create the goal.
  8. Test the tracking: Submit a test form on your website and make sure you are redirected to the correct confirmation page. After a short time, check Google Analytics to see if the goal completion is being tracked under the "Conversions" section.

Following these steps will allow you to track form submissions in Google Analytics and gain insights about user behavior and conversion rates.