Is Magento 2 good for SEO?


by lincoln , in category: SEO , 2 years ago

Is Magento 2 good for SEO?

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1 answer

by camylle_lesch , 2 years ago

Search Engine Optimization is essential for driving traffic to websites, and enhancing a company’s potential profitability. It’s not easily done alone, but luckily there is technology made specifically for this reason. Magento is one such software that helps SEO. Magento 2 offers 20 design options, but if you want a custom design the set up is simple, with only 5 steps. In a side by side comparison to Magento 1 it appears to have better processing software and it utilizes newer Apache programs for an overall better PHP. Themes aren’t the only options you have multiples of, Magento also has custom extension options. If the key to successful search engine optimization depends on helpful tools to drive traffic, it seems like the options that come with the Magento upgrade are well worth it. While Magento 1 seems to help SEO plenty, like with any technology, the upgraded version has more options and all the newest software and technology behind it.