Is WordPress good for SEO?

by talon_jacobson , in category: SEO , 2 years ago

Is WordPress good for SEO?

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by michele , 2 years ago

WordPress got its start as a blogging site and as a result, many people consider WordPress not a good option for Search Engine Optimization. That's a mistake. Considering that over one-third of all websites on the web is powered by WordPress, you'd think that myth had died, but yet it still persists. One of the main reasons that WordPress is such a great platform is that the entire platform is made on SEO availability.

Google and other sites love the fact that WordPress is so easy to take metadata from, that WordPress is optimized for mobile, and that WordPress sites are fast. That alone ticks off many of the key factors that make WordPress so SEO-friendly.

Another thing in your favor by using a WordPress site is that most WordPress sites are so user-friendly that people tend to stay on them longer. Never forget that Google isn't really about all the key elements of its algorithm, it's really about pointing people to websites that give the best experience. It's hard to mess up a website with a WordPress site.

Another reason WordPress is so popular is that most people take advantage of the ability to optimize images by putting alternate text for search engines to search images. Ultimately, WordPress, for most users, provides the best experience including a fantastic SEO capability.