What is the Firefox Multi-Account Containers feature and how does it work?

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What is the Firefox Multi-Account Containers feature and how does it work?

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by mabelle , 10 months ago


The Firefox Multi-Account Containers feature is a tool that allows users to separate their online identities and activities into different containers within the browser. Each container has its own separate browsing session, cookies, storage, and other website data. This helps users manage multiple online accounts simultaneously without them interfering with each other.

When a user opens a website or signs in to an online account, they can right-click on a link and choose to open it in a specific container. Alternatively, they can assign specific websites to always open in a particular container. This way, each container maintains its own isolated environment, preventing websites from tracking user activity across containers.

For example, a user may have one container for personal accounts, another for work-related accounts, and a third for online shopping. By keeping these activities separate, the user can ensure their personal information is not shared between different websites or accounts unintentionally.

The Multi-Account Containers feature is highly customizable, allowing users to create, delete, and modify containers, as well as rename and change container colors for easy identification. Users can also choose to sync these containers across multiple devices using a Firefox account.