Why does google analytics use __utm.gif?

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Why does google analytics use __utm.gif?

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by stephon , 8 months ago


Google Analytics uses a file called __utm.gif to track visitor data and generate analytics reports. The use of this GIF file allows for the collection of data without disrupting the page load or user experience.

Here are a few reasons why Google Analytics uses __utm.gif:

  1. Non-Blocking: Using a GIF file for data collection ensures that it does not block or slow down the loading of the webpage. The GIF file is very small in size and loads asynchronously, meaning it does not hold up the rendering of the page.
  2. Cross-Domain Tracking: When tracking data across different domains, using an image file like __utm.gif allows for tracking across multiple domains. By embedding this GIF file on different domains, the tracking code can pass data to Google Analytics regardless of the domain.
  3. Browser Compatibility: GIF images are supported across all browsers without any issues. This ensures that the tracking code can collect data consistently across different browsers and devices.
  4. Server-Side Processing: When __utm.gif is requested, it sends various parameters (such as page URL, browser information, campaign tags) as query string parameters in the URL. This allows for server-side processing of the data, making it easier for Google Analytics to process and analyze the collected data.

Overall, the use of __utm.gif is a practical and efficient method for collecting visitor data while minimizing any negative impact on the user experience.