Why is SEO so important?


by eloisa , in category: SEO , 10 months ago

Why is SEO so important?

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by talon_jacobson , 10 months ago

The 2020 Pandemic alone has shown reasons why SEO is so vitally important to businesses. With more people going online to shop for almost everything, one should want their business to be ranked high and be very visible for potential customers and clients. Web traffic hit an all time high as customers were basically forced to go online for their shopping needs or face the rules of the pandemic of ensuring to stay 6 feet apart while shopping and wearing masks or risk getting the coronavirus; not to mention, the number of people who had to quarantine, all of this contributed to more organic searches on the internet. As the pandemic continues and is ongoing, savvy business owners and CEOs would be smart to have high rankings and good visibility and a good SEO can provide just that. When a potential customer or client does an organic search on the internet, a good SEO will deliver that high ranking which can lead to increased clientele which means increased sales of products and/or services. SEOs are important as it helps businesses reach objectives and goals to be profitable and successful. A good SEO is vital for growth.