How to access google analytics api?

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How to access google analytics api?

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To access the Google Analytics API, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Enable the Google Analytics API: Go to the Google Developers Console ( Create a new project or select an existing project. On the project Dashboard, click on "Enable APIs and Services". Search for "Google Analytics API" and enable it.
  2. Create OAuth 2.0 credentials: On the project Dashboard, click on "Credentials" in the left-hand menu. Click on "Create Credentials", and choose "OAuth client ID". Configure the OAuth consent screen and provide necessary details. Select "Web application" as the application type. Fill in the details (e.g., Authorized JavaScript origins, Authorized redirect URIs). Click on "Create" to generate the OAuth client ID and client secret.
  3. Obtain authorization access token: Construct the authorization URL based on the OAuth client ID and redirect URI. Redirect the user to the authorization URL. Once the user grants access, Google will redirect back to the provided redirect URI with an authorization code. Exchange the authorization code for an access token by making a POST request to the Google token endpoint ( Receive the access token and refresh token in the response.
  4. Make API requests: Use the obtained access token to authenticate your API requests. Construct the API request URL based on the specific API endpoint you want to access. Include the access token in the Authorization header of your API request. Send the HTTP request and receive the API response with your requested data.

Please note that using the Google Analytics API requires understanding OAuth 2.0 authentication and authorization flows, as well as knowledge of programming languages to interact with the API. The specific implementation details can vary based on the programming language or framework you are using. Refer to the Google Analytics API documentation for more specific instructions and code samples.