How to track custom parameter with google analytics and utm.gif?

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How to track custom parameter with google analytics and utm.gif?

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by maci , 7 months ago


To track custom parameters with Google Analytics and the utm.gif method, you can follow these steps:

  1. Generate the utm.gif URL: Use the Google Analytics URL Builder tool to create a custom URL with the necessary UTM parameters. This tool will append UTM parameters to your URL to track specific campaign details.
  2. Add custom parameters: In addition to the UTM parameters, you can add custom parameters using the & parameter=value format. For example, &customparam=value.
  3. Embed the UTM URL: Use the generated UTM URL in your website, email campaign, or any other digital marketing platform where you want to track the custom parameters.
  4. Set up Google Analytics tracking: Ensure you have Google Analytics tracking code installed on your website. If not, generate and insert the tracking code provided by Google Analytics into the header of your website.
  5. Analyze the data: Once the campaign is underway, you can access the custom parameter data in your Google Analytics account. Login to Google Analytics, select the desired property, and navigate to the "Behavior" or "Customization" section to view the data collected from your custom parameters.

Keep in mind that the UTM.gif method is an older approach to tracking custom parameters, and Google Analytics has introduced more advanced tracking methods such as Measurement Protocol or GTAG.js for better tracking capabilities and accuracy.