How to track fancybox clicks in google analytics?


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How to track fancybox clicks in google analytics?

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by laverna_hirthe , 8 months ago


To track Fancybox clicks in Google Analytics, you need to add event tracking code to your website. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. First, make sure you have Google Analytics set up on your website and have the tracking code implemented correctly.
  2. Identify the element you want to track with Fancybox. Usually, it is a link or an image that opens the Fancybox popup.
  3. Add an onclick event to the element. For example, if you have a link, modify the HTML code of the link to include the onclick event. Example: Open FancyboxIn the above code, 'Fancybox' is the category for your event, 'Click' is the action, and 'Fancybox Link' is the label. You can customize these values to match your requirements.
  4. Save the changes and test it out. Clicking on the Fancybox element should trigger the event.
  5. Open Google Analytics, go to the "Behavior" section, and click on "Events" under "Overview". You should be able to see the Fancybox events being tracked.

By following these steps, you can track Fancybox clicks in Google Analytics and gain insights into how users interact with your Fancybox elements.