How to track pdf downloads with google analytics?

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How to track pdf downloads with google analytics?

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To track PDF downloads with Google Analytics, follow these steps:

  1. Enable tracking for PDF downloads: Open your Google Analytics account and go to "Admin" settings. In the "View" column, click on "Goals" and then "+ New Goal" to set up a new goal for tracking PDF downloads.
  2. Set up your goal: In the Goal setup form, choose the "Custom" option and click "Continue".
  3. Name your goal: Give your goal a descriptive name (e.g., "PDF Downloads").
  4. Goal description: As this is a custom goal, you can leave this field blank or add a brief description if you prefer.
  5. Goal type: Select "Event" as the goal type.
  6. Goal details: In the "Event conditions" section, set the Category to "Downloads," Action to "click," and Label to ".pdf" (without the quotes). This ensures that Google Analytics tracks any PDF download as an event when users click on a download link.
  7. Value: Leave the value as 0, as PDF downloads typically do not have a monetary value associated with them.
  8. Enable funnels (optional): Funnels help you track the user journey leading to the PDF download. If you want to set up a funnel, toggle the switch to enable it. Specify the necessary steps users need to take before reaching the download page.
  9. Verify and save: Review the goal details and click "Save" to finalize your goal setup.
  10. Update your download links: In your website's HTML code, add the following code to each download link you want to track: Download PDF

Replace "/path/to/your/file.pdf" with the actual file URL. This code will trigger the event tracking when a user clicks on the link.

Once implemented, Google Analytics will start tracking PDF downloads as events under the "Behaviour" section. You can access this data in the "Events" report, specifically under "Top Events" or by navigating to "Behaviour" > "Events" > "Top Events" > "Downloads".