How to track seo conversion in google analytics?

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How to track seo conversion in google analytics?

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Tracking SEO conversion in Google Analytics involves several steps:

  1. Set up Conversion Goals: Firstly, define and set up the conversion goals that you want to track. These goals can include actions such as completing a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or filling out a contact form.
  2. Enable Ecommerce Tracking (if applicable): If you have an online store, enable Ecommerce tracking to track revenue, transactions, and other important metrics associated with your SEO efforts.
  3. Link Google Analytics with Search Console: Link your Google Analytics account with Google Search Console to gain insights into your organic search performance. This connection allows you to view the keywords, landing pages, and other SEO data within Google Analytics.
  4. Create SEO Reports: Set up custom reports in Google Analytics to analyze your SEO performance. Focus on metrics like organic search traffic, conversion rate, and goal completions. These reports can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.
  5. Track Organic Keywords: While Google no longer provides specific keyword data, you can still gain insights into organic keywords by analyzing landing page data and using tools like Google Search Console and third-party SEO tools.
  6. Use UTM Parameters: Use UTM parameters to track the performance of specific SEO campaigns or sources. By appending unique parameters to your URLs, you can track the traffic and conversions generated by each campaign in Google Analytics.
  7. Monitor Assisted Conversions: Check the Assisted Conversions report in Google Analytics to see how organic search assists in conversions. This report shows the number of conversions for which organic search was not the final interaction but played a role in the conversion path.
  8. Monitor Multi-Channel Funnels: Use the Multi-Channel Funnels report in Google Analytics to understand the various touchpoints a user interacts with before converting. This report can reveal how SEO assists conversions through interactions with other channels like social media or paid advertising.

By following these steps, you can effectively track and measure the conversion outcomes of your SEO efforts using Google Analytics.