What are the keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome?

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What are the keyboard shortcuts for Google Chrome?

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  1. Open a new window: Ctrl+N (Windows), Command+N (Mac)
  2. Open a new tab: Ctrl+T (Windows), Command+T (Mac)
  3. Close current tab: Ctrl+W (Windows), Command+W (Mac)
  4. Reopen a closed tab: Ctrl+Shift+T (Windows), Command+Shift+T (Mac)
  5. Go to previous page: Alt+Left Arrow (Windows), Command+Left Arrow (Mac)
  6. Go to next page: Alt+Right Arrow (Windows), Command+Right Arrow (Mac)
  7. Refresh current page: F5 (Windows), Command+R (Mac)
  8. Zoom in: Ctrl++ (Windows), Command++ (Mac)
  9. Zoom out: Ctrl+- (Windows), Command+- (Mac)
  10. Open Chrome menu: Alt+F (Windows), Command+Shift+F (Mac)
  11. Switch between tabs: Ctrl+Tab (Windows), Command+Option+Right Arrow or Option+Tab (Mac)
  12. Scroll down the page: Spacebar (Windows), Spacebar or Option+Down Arrow (Mac)
  13. Scroll up the page: Shift+Spacebar (Windows), Shift+Spacebar or Option+Up Arrow (Mac)
  14. Find text on current page: Ctrl+F (Windows), Command+F (Mac)
  15. Open Developer Tools: Ctrl+Shift+I (Windows), Option+Command+I (Mac)