What should I add to head tag?


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What should I add to head tag?

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The head tag in HTML is used to contain information about a web page that is not displayed on the page itself. Some common elements that you might add to the head tag include:

  • title: The title of the page, which is displayed in the browser tab and used by search engines as the title of the page in search results.
  • meta: Information about the page, such as a description, keywords, and other metadata.
  • link: Used to link to external resources, such as CSS and JavaScript files, and other pages on the site.
  • script: Used to add JavaScript code to the page.

It's also possible to include other elements, such as base, style, and noscript, in the head tag, but these are used less frequently.

by jacey.lubowitz , a year ago


The head tag in HTML is a container for metadata (data that provides information about other data) about the document. You can add the following elements to the head section of an HTML document:

  1. title: This element specifies the title of the document, which is displayed in the browser's title bar or tab.
  2. meta: The meta tag is used to provide metadata about the document, such as description and keywords for search engines.
  3. link: The link tag is used to link to external resources, such as CSS stylesheets or icons.
  4. script: The script tag is used to include JavaScript code in the document.
  5. base: The base tag is used to specify the base URL for all relative URLs in the document.

It is important to keep in mind that the head section should only contain information about the document, not the content. The content of the document should be placed within the body tag.