How does Google Analytics send data back to Google?

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How does Google Analytics send data back to Google?

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Google Analytics sends data back to Google using a tracking code that is placed on the website or mobile app being tracked. This tracking code is a piece of JavaScript code that collects various types of information about website or app usage, such as the number of visitors, pages viewed, and actions taken.

When a user visits a website or uses an app with the Google Analytics tracking code, the code collects data about the user's interaction with the website or app, such as the pages they visit, the products they view, and the actions they take, and sends that data to Google Analytics.

The tracking code sends the data back to Google Analytics servers using several methods, including:

  1. Image requests: Google Analytics uses a 1x1 pixel image request to send data to its servers.
  2. Cookies: Google Analytics uses cookies to track user interactions with a website or app.
  3. Analytics.js library: Google Analytics uses the analytics.js library to send data to its servers. The library collects data from the tracking code and sends it to the Google Analytics servers in real-time.

Once the data is sent to Google Analytics, it is processed and stored on Google's servers. The data is then available to website or app owners in the form of reports and dashboards, which they can use to analyze user behavior, optimize their website or app, and make informed business decisions.