What data is sent to Google Analytics?


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What data is sent to Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics collects a wide range of data about website visitors, including:

  1. User behavior: Google Analytics tracks how users interact with a website, including the pages they visit, the actions they take, and the time they spend on each page.
  2. User demographics: Google Analytics can capture demographic information about website visitors, including their age, gender, and interests.
  3. User location: Google Analytics can also collect data on where website visitors are located, including their country, region, city, and even their IP address.
  4. User technology: Google Analytics can track the type of device visitors use to access the website, the browser they use, and their screen resolution.
  5. Traffic sources: Google Analytics can identify how visitors find the website, whether it's through search engines, social media, direct traffic, or referrals from other websites.
  6. Conversions: Google Analytics can track specific goals or events on a website, such as product purchases, form submissions, or downloads.

It's important to note that the exact data collected by Google Analytics can vary based on the tracking code and settings implemented on a website. Additionally, Google Analytics also offers advanced tracking features, such as custom dimensions and metrics, which can be used to track additional information about website visitors.