How does google analytics track incoming traffic?

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How does google analytics track incoming traffic?

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by laverna_hirthe , 4 months ago


Google Analytics tracks incoming traffic through the use of tracking codes and cookies.

When a user visits a website, a small piece of JavaScript code called the Google Analytics tracking code is placed on the website's pages. This code generates a unique tracking ID for each website, which is then used to collect data about the website's visitors.

When a user accesses a page with the tracking code, their browser sends a request to the Google Analytics servers along with various parameters, including the tracking ID. Google Analytics then collects this information and processes it to provide valuable insights into website traffic.

Additionally, Google Analytics uses cookies to track user interactions on the website. These cookies store information such as the time of visit, whether the user has visited the site before, and the source from which they came (e.g., organic search, referral website, social media). This data helps in analyzing the source of incoming traffic and understanding user behavior.

Overall, Google Analytics combines the tracking code and cookies to monitor incoming traffic by capturing and analyzing various data points about visitors and their interactions on a website.