How to track google maps interactions with google tag manager?

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How to track google maps interactions with google tag manager?

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To track Google Maps interactions with Google Tag Manager, you can follow these steps:

  1. Set up Google Tag Manager: If you haven't already, start by creating a Google Tag Manager account and implement the GTM container code on your website.
  2. Create a new Tag: In Google Tag Manager, navigate to the "Tags" section and click on "New". Give your tag a descriptive name.
  3. Configure the Google Maps trigger: Under the "Tag Configuration" section of the tag, select the type as "Custom HTML". Then, copy and paste the HTML code for Google Maps integration. This could be the embed code for a map widget or the API code for a customized map. This code will load the map on your website.
  4. Set up triggers for interactions: Now, you'll need to define triggers for specific interactions you want to track on Google Maps. For example, you may want to track when the user clicks on a specific location on the map or interacts with the zoom functionality.
  5. Configure Google Analytics Event Tag: Under the "Triggering" section of the tag configuration, click on the "+" icon and create a new trigger. This trigger will fire when the specific interaction occurs on the Google Maps.
  6. Save and publish: Save your tag configuration, and then click on "Submit" to publish it.
  7. Test and debug: Use the Google Tag Manager preview mode to test the implementation and make sure the interactions are being properly captured and sent to Google Analytics.

Once the tag is active, you'll be able to see the tracked Google Maps interactions in your Google Analytics reports, allowing you to analyze user behavior and make data-driven decisions.